Japanese Garden Waterfall

Waterfalls And Your Japanese Garden

It wasn’t too long ago that just having a natural looking water feature with a waterfall in the landscape was enough for some people to label the landscape as “Japanese.” And there is probably some good basis for this as the Japanese were appreciating constructing natural forms in their gardens when European gardens were focusing on symmetry, aesthetics, and interesting geometric forms.

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However it is important to give the Japanese waterfall a wider understanding. One of the most important things to understand is that the Japanese gardens may use a “greater meaning” or more spirituality in the composition of the rock placement and stone forms. It probably takes years to fully grasp all the nuances of these waterfall and rock placement design considerations. Typically when an a waterfall is designed in the U.S., the client wants the waterfall to look just like it was sliced out of a natural area and placed in the new landscape. An exact duplication of a natural waterfall is desired. Meanwhile in the Japanese garden the waterfall may be constructed not to evoke a mountain spring, rather the waterfall may be built such that the water is miniature symbol for a river, rocks may be placed more vertically to be symbolic of mountain peaks, rocks in the pond may be arranged to be symbolic of islands in a lake or the ocean, or the rocks may even be organized to represent a turtle.

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If someone desires a waterfall in style of a Japanese garden, It would be smart to seek the guidance of someone familiar with the subtleties of Japanese gardening. There are also many books which discuss in detail some of these principles. The important thing is to be aware that there is more thought put into a Japanese waterfall than just building a realistic looking waterfall.

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