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Many times a waterfall can be an important element into a pond or a ”bio active” body of water. When we are discussing ponds it is always important to identify the type of biology you want for the pond. This is true when designing your waterfall for a pond.
For instance when you are designing a waterfall for a koi pond , it is important to remember that the Koi owner not only wants to enjoy the water falling on the rocks above the pond but the koi owner will want to enjoy seeing his pets as they swam beneath the surface . This can some time cause a design quandary? How do you having water falling into a pond without causing those waves or ripples that can blur seeing the fish. This challenge can be met in a couple of ways. 1 you can minimize the scope of your waterfall. A smaller stream of water will make fewer ripples. Two you can make your most dramatic drops happen on a terrace or shoal that is above the ponds surface. Let this final shoal take all the impact of dramatic falling water and then design a low, rolling release into the pond. This can dimension waves. A third way to handle this would be to add a baffle of boulders and rocks in the pond so that the energy from the falling water is forced beneath the surface.

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The importance of understanding your biology was made very clear in a meeting Alllgood Outdoors attended concerning the design of a beaver exhibit. The beaver was too crippled to be released in the wild so a nature center was wanting to build a exhibit that would showcase the beaver in an environment that looked as natural as possible. At one point there was a discussion that a waterfall would be an attractive addition to the environment. But then one person interjected that the pond should not have a waterfall, because “moving water drives beavers crazy. That is why they are always trying to dam it up…” The point was well taken and the pond was themed with boulders, but with now water fall.

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One other consideration when designing a waterfall for a bio active pond is that the type stone used can affect the Ph of the water. If there is a really large amount of water going over limestone rocks then you might experience some challenge is bring the Ph close to neutral. Overtime this effect can diminish, but it is important to consider on new or “freshly constructed” projects. In these cases Ph stabilizing treatments maybe fused near the water.

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